Remote Gambling Software Licence

We have the Remote Gambling Software licence, which enables us to create and develop digital solutions for the UK gambling industry.

In 2014, the UK Gambling Commission introduced changes to gambling regulations, meaning that from April 2015, “all gambling software used by the licensee must have been manufactured by the holder of a gambling software operating license”. This requirement affects all holders of remote (online) casino, bingo and betting licenses who must all use licensed providers.

To be able to carry on our legacy of developing innovative and engaging products for the UK gambling industry, we secured a Remote Gambling Software licence in March 2015. We are very proud to have been awarded this licence as it demonstrates that our products are built to a high standard of quality with a close eye on stopping any potential security implications, both of which are requirements of the UK Gambling Commission.


Technical Standards

As a licensed gambling development company, this gives us the authority to “manufacture, supply, install or adapt gambling software” for the UK and Ontario gambling industry.

This means that we must adhere to a strict set of technical standards outlined by the UK Gambling Commission. These cover a range of topics including but not limited to:

  • Display of transactions
  • Access to rules
  • Responsible product design
  • Display of customer account information

In addition, we adhere to stringent testing strategy procedures for all gambling products to ensure that they are fit for purpose and tested to a high standard.

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Information Security

Our Remote Gambling Software licence requires that we meet the standards of ISO 27001:2013. Therefore, we’ve tightened our internal security policies, processes and procedures, and provided training for all staff members on the importance of information security.

This means that security is at the forefront of what we do for all of our clients, both within the gambling industry.

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