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Apple extends deadline for app updates

31 March 2020

Last week, Apple announced another deadline extension for app submissions, including real money gambling apps, relating to guideline 4.7 sections 4, 5, and 6 of the App Store Review Guidelines. The new deadline has been moved to 30 June 2020.

This extension gives operators more time to improve their apps, work out any bugs, as well as fixing any issues if they’d already submitted an app and been rejected by Apple.

We’ve seen quite a few updates across different online gambling apps, and many of them have been specifically towards meeting Apple’s guidelines. Some have updated designs and some offer additional native functionality which is a great sign of operators really taking on board Apple’s request to make their products as app-like as possible for greater user experience.

However, it would have been much more preferable had Apple offered a realistic deadline in the first place. This way, operators would have been able to come up with a full design and functionality for the updated apps without rushing anything and only doing the bare minimum to meet the initial deadline in September 2019 (which gave them only about three months from the guideline announcement).

The extension won’t be very useful if you’re already working towards one plan, which most likely involves key changes to the existing product to meet the requirements and improve the native functionality. It would have been nearly impossible to produce a fully native sportsbook app on a three months’ notice. Yet, if we had a year to develop it, we’d probably be seeing a lot more fully native products by the end of June.

This extension should hopefully give enough time to product owners to finalise and tweak their designs for their apps. It might also allow some third-party gaming providers to work out a good solution for hosting games within apps without relying on HTML5 solutions as we have been doing up to now.

If you still need help or advice with getting your online gambling app ready for Apple’s Design Guidelines, we recommend reading our Apple Design Guidelines UX Review and we’d love to hear from you too.

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