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Apple rejects gambling container apps

25 January 2019

It’s been reported that Apple has been rejecting many bookmakers’ (and other) apps in line with changes to some of the developer guidelines, requiring container apps to have a certain amount of native functionalities.

The Apple design guidelines section 4.2 states the following:

4.2 Minimum Functionality                                

Your app should include features, content, and UI that elevate it beyond a repackaged website. If your app is not particularly useful, unique, or “app-like,” it doesn’t belong on the App Store. If your App doesn't provide some sort of lasting entertainment value, or is just plain creepy, it may not be accepted. Apps that are simply a song or movie should be submitted to the iTunes Store. Apps that are simply a book or game guide should be submitted to the iBooks Store.

This means that simple container apps with minimal native functionality will no longer be allowed in the App Store. However, concerns have been raised over many operators’ mobile products, as their websites are hosted in container apps with little to no native features. EGR Intel reports that “Existing apps with minimal or non-native functionality have also been targeted and rejected from the app store.” We’re not aware if this has been the case for all bookmakers, however, this will significantly affect resubmissions going forward. It not only increases the time it takes to push a product live, but incurs costs and additional time to rework it according to the tech giant’s guidelines.

To avoid situations like this, when we create container apps, we specifically include enhanced native features that are valuable to users, such as onboarding, Touch ID and Face ID. However, this might also change in the future and we’re working with Apple to determine what their requirements are for native functionality container applications to make sure they are taken into consideration in the future. One thing is clear is that Apple wants developers to focus on creating a better user experience that is true to the platform, instead of a website wrap-around. We hope that this sparks a revolution in the industry to produce more user-centric and innovative mobile products going forward.

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