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Bespoke web and app frontends for online gambling platforms

08 September 2020

When it comes to launching a sportsbook or online casino, there are usually two options: building your own platform and bespoke frontend or using a third-party white label platform for powering the product. They come with their own benefits and disadvantages, and we have experience working with both.

Proprietary gambling platforms require expert knowledge, lots of time and a big investment to build, so they don’t always fit new operators who want to launch a product quickly or on a budget. However, these platforms can be very flexible and tailored to your needs. On the other hand, white label gambling platforms can come “off-the-shelf” and ready to launch your product much faster.

Most of the white label platforms offer frontends with preset features as part of their package. This enables operators to go to market much faster. They are also easy to maintain and include new features as they are rolled out to all operators. It’s no wonder why so many operators quite sensibly choose to work with them.

However, the downside to white label platforms is that they have limited customisation options. This means that their frontends and functionality tend to be dated, as it takes longer for suppliers to introduce new features. White labels also don’t always follow the latest design and gambling practices, and it can take time to roll these out, compared to those fully in control of their platforms. A lot of suppliers prioritise design and development on the platform side, rather than the frontend, so any specific requests from their customers don’t always get picked up quick enough.

If you ever wondered why so many online gambling products look similar, it’s because it’s difficult to customise the UX and frontend of a white label platform. The options are typically limited to aesthetic styling and branding only. This means that the frontend might lack a USP with which the operator can differentiate themselves or the ability to roll out innovative features beyond updating the visuals. So, if you’re planning on launching a revolutionary brand that’s focused on the latest tech trends, a white label platform might not reflect the strategy you’re looking for.

There’s nothing wrong with using white labels and there are lots of good suppliers out there, but there might come a time when you might feel the user interface of your product needs to grow and improve beyond what the supplier is able to provide. While it’s very easy for new operators to start up using a white label platform, it’s also possible to look beyond the supplier to expand its frontend. For example, we’ve worked with a number of clients that found the preset UI and UX of their sportsbook or casino no longer served their customers, and they wanted to customise it. So creating a bespoke frontend with modern features and a slicker UX on top of a platform can be done too.

We can integrate a bespoke designed frontend website and apps with a white label platform, using the platform APIs. We can also integrate with third-party services, like data feeds, games and stats. Of course, there are dependencies on the platform provider making APIs available, however, we work with a wide range of popular platform suppliers and have always been able to work together with them.

Whilst all white label gambling platforms are slightly different, we have successfully carried out these projects to allow operators to create their own custom frontends. Leveraging this to create native mobile apps and responsive websites can make a huge difference to the overall customer experience and the operator’s revenue.

So next time you think about how your product can be improved, keep in mind that changing the frontend can be a very good option without the need for major platform migration!

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