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Betting On Football 2017 conference roundup

09 May 2017

Last week, we attended Betting On Football, an annual conference for gaming professionals hosted by SBC Events. It involved both operators, affiliates and suppliers. Betting on Football was held at Stamford Bridge over two days, and covered a range of topics concerning the betting industry.

While the main focus was on football, many delegates spoke about overarching issues and trends in betting. One of the topics that came through across many discussions was e-sports. It’s quickly becoming a huge industry that many football clubs and operators are trying to get into. One of the key concerns for the betting community is creating a sustainable business model and attracting the younger generation. However, while those fans follow sports, they consume media and engage with their favourite teams in a different way - a lot of it is it done online or through games like FIFA. E-sports is one of those outlets and is estimated around $696 million. Most operators and football clubs see it as an important avenue for accessing this audience and bridging the gap between e-sports and betting.

Customer engagement and retention is another concern for the industry. There’s a big competition to get a share of the customer’s wallet between the operators, and they’re trying to come up with more innovative ways of attracting new punters. Data tracking, automation and personalisation are all key tools in increasing the customer base and providing relevant content across different channels.

While innovation is important in sports betting, making sure the smaller details, such as customer profiling, CRM and data are also optimised on the operator side, and the basic product offering is streamlined. For example, sportsbooks have been very successful and receive a lot of engagement from punters. Now, it’s time to look at improving them on a micro-scale, such as making certain features more user friendly, offering a better cash-out experience and giving more control over betting to the users.

It was also apparent that the betting industry is concerned with attracting ‘millennials’ as they consume content in a different way to their parents. So, it’s essential to create content that would prompt them to engage with the operator and speak to their interests. Adapting storytelling to specific platforms could be one of the ways of reaching the younger generation. For example, Paddy Power have a great way of creating reactive and fun content, and being able to turn it round quickly is key.

Betting on Football provided some excellent insight into the betting industry, showing that operators want to keep innovating and improving their products. They care about offering great customer service and are looking for ways of optimising it as much as possible.

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