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Degree 53 Darts Tournament 2019

26 February 2019

Recently, we held our annual Darts Tournament and we went all out on it this time! It’s only convenient that Flight Club has recently opened around the corner from us and we thought it would be perfect for our event.

The venue looks fantastic and is decorated like a circus on the inside. They have great social darts games to keep everyone engaged and offer a fun experience with instant tracking and interactive displays. But sticking to tradition, we brought our own appalling darts throwing skills.

The Tournament Format

We had about 60 participants and 12 teams, so short games were a great format for us to keep everyone entertained. The teams competed in a league and the two best ones played against each other in the final.

Similar to last year, we threw a betting element into the tournament, which served two purposes - to create more excitement around the office and help us test a new sportsbook platform that we’re building. One of the many great things about Degree 53 is we’ve got some former sports betting traders who work for us, so we can really go to town with the markets to bet on.

Over the course of the week leading up to the event, a few members of the team set up five markets within our platform. In order to do this, we created a tournament under Darts - ‘Degree 53 Darts Championship 2019’ - and set up the teams and participants as players in the back office. From here, we created each market using our inside knowledge of everyone's darts skills from previous tournaments. Next, the traders for the day set the book using the Fields Sheets functionality we’ve recently developed. This screen gives the traders a view of all market betting activity, such as the number of bets and the amount staked on each selection, as well as potential profit and loss amounts. It also allows traders to manage prices of each selection and view their overall book percentage.


To build up the anticipation for the event, we did a big team reveal announcement. This allowed for an opportunity for some funny form guides to be written:

Each team member set up a new account to test our registration process and then was given £50 of free credit. It’s worth saying there was no real money betting, it was just for fun. Each user then tested the betting process and used the major features of the sportsbook site. This was a great introduction to betting for any newbies and we gained a lot of really useful user feedback. It was probably the biggest single piece of user testing we’ve ever done!

The different markets created included: Outright, Finalists, Highest Scorer, Specials and Biggest Fool.

Two hours before the event started, Will, who was managing the trader for the day, sent out the following trading update:

Individual Top Points Scorer

Plenty of punter’s smashing into Andrew Daniels for Highest Individual Points Scorer, leaving ‘Banksy’s Bets’ with a potential loss of nearly £4K. Some of the shrewder activity on Keeran at 16/1 has seen his odds trimmed to 12s.

Outright Winner

Bets quite evenly spread across this market, but none fancy Dart Vader or 3 In a Bed.


The specials markets have attracted plenty of recreational customers today, most popular bet ‘Someone to hit a 180’ leaving a huge liability for the bookies. Some unusual activity on ‘Person to be hit by a dart’ has some of us concerned for our safety tonight…

The winners of the tournament

After some, quite frankly, terrible performances in the early rounds, the two teams competing in the final were Bottlers and Oh Dart. Both had varying darts throwing skills, with some more seasoned players in each one. It was a tight game with some surprising throws by both teams. After a tough battle and a close call, Oh Dart were crowned winners and claimed their trophy.

Market results:

  • Outright winner
    • Oh Dart
  • Team to reach the final:
    • Oh Dart
    • Bottlers
  • Highest individual point scorer:
    • Jon
    • Paul
    • Alex
  • Specials:
    • Winning captain to be from 5th floor
    • Ashley to bottle it
  • Biggest fool:
    • Somebody else

It was another successful event. We loved the new venue and the interactive darts. This has definitely raised the bar for our future darts tournaments and we can’t wait to go back there!

You can view highlights and the results of the tournament here.

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