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Degree 53 launches a premium sportsbook platform for Goldchip

20 March 2018

We're extremely proud to announce a successful launch of a new end-to-end sports betting platform we created for a premium bookmaker, Goldchip. Our team built the entire system from the ground up alongside the sportsbook website and a pair of mobile apps (iOS and Android).

The Degree 53 team created a fully bespoke sports betting platform for Goldchip to take their phone-based business into the digital space, enabling complete control over its features and the opportunity to scale in the future. The operator needed a modern solution to offer its VIP customers a variety of sports betting services online (e.g. In-Play betting, Ante Post betting and live chat to request custom bets), as well as having easier methods of managing their accounts. This was something that Goldchip wasn’t able to offer over the phone previously and has made a substantial difference to customer interactions since the launch.

The project involved a significant product discovery period to identify all the components required for the platform’s development and operation. This includes third-party trading feed integration, security measures, customer management, CRM, bonusing, trading, KYC, reporting and agent management services - all of which we built into Goldchip’s new backend system.

The platform was complemented by a new sports betting website and mobile apps for iOS and Android users. We provided complete rebranding to reflect the premium product offering and ensured that the sportsbook is compatible with the latest platforms and devices. Part of Goldchip’s USP is a high level of customer service, so additional functionality was developed that enables traders to view incoming bets and offer customers more attractive odds in real-time.

Stephen Smith, managing director at Goldchip comments: “We’re very happy with our sportsbook platform. The team at Degree 53 took us through a number of workshops to determine all the necessary elements before the build and made it clear from the start what was required for the project. They were very diligent in their approach and addressed all of our requirements throughout the project. Ensuring a high level of security and meeting compliance regulations was one of the key priorities. The team worked hard to implement all the necessary measures to address this and have implemented a number of security layers to minimise liability for us. We’re very happy with how they’ve evolved our brand and moved our services into the digital environment. We work with high value customers, so it is important that our product exceeds their expectations, reflects our premium offering and provides an excellent betting experience across all channels.” 

Goldchip’s sports betting platform is one of our biggest projects to date and I’m really proud of what we’ve achieved. More operators are looking to move their services onto an in-house platform with a fully bespoke design. It’s a substantial undertaking, but it offers more control over what they can offer their customers and is much more rewarding in the long run. There are many more great opportunities for Goldchip to expand on their platform, and we look forward to working with them in the future and help them grow.

Goldchip’s sportsbook is available for desktop, iOS and Android devices.

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