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Degree 53 publishes report on best practices for online casino UX

23 February 2017

We're pleased to announced that we've published a report evaluating the desktop casino lobby user experience (UX) of ten leading online gambling operators in the UK. The research highlights the strongest and weakest features that online casino owners need to take into account, such as how easily users can register or log in, find a game or contact the operator for advice. This report acts as a guide for best practices on improving the online casino homepage and customer experience for increased retention.

In this report, we share our expertise to help online casino operators create a winning UX that can play a significant role in retaining their customers and increasing their value. The team of our UX designers and developers evaluated casino homepages of the likes of Paddy Power, BetWay, Unibet and Ladbrokes. The report consists of detailed reviews of the most common user interactions, assessing how easy it is to find certain functions, navigate across the page, access help and contact the operator.

The UX of many online casinos has improved as online gambling expanded over time, however, there are still many details that can affect its efficiency and the user’s ability to navigate through the lobby. We wanted to provide useful content for operators, looking at real examples of what features leading brands have and how easy it is to access them.

UX can be very subtle and not all aspects are apparent to the user. However, it is very important to review the customer journey when creating an online casino lobby. Simply placing a list of games isn’t enough, and as soon as customers stumble upon an obstacle, they are likely to seek similar services from competitors. Great UX can definitely contribute to increasing customer retention for the operator, and we hope our report will shed some light on how to approach that.

The Casino Lobby Report can be accessed here.

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