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Developing a successful website with Umbraco

17 September 2021

The choice of a content management system (CMS) is highly important, especially for industries, such as online gambling. Operators need a reliable CMS to provide the best UX and service to their customers.

In this second part of our blog focusing on Umbraco, we review more considerations online gambling operators must meet in order to create a successful product and customer experience.

Integrating third-party content

One of the more complex elements of creating a gaming or betting website is integrating third-party content, whether it’s a data feed or games from different providers.

We can use Umbraco to create components that display and feed in third-party content. Due to being an open-source CMS, Umbraco offers a good range of features for implementing that. It allows us to integrate different provider systems without any hassle, meaning operators can offer content that works seamlessly.

For example, it is important to consider the overall process and customer journey of playing games when creating a casino website. We can create components in Umbraco to display games content that customers will engage with. It is important to build and integrate content that is accessible and creates a frictionless customer journey from landing on the page to finding a game and playing it.

We work with major lotteries using Umbraco to deliver responsive websites. We can create custom grid components, for the grid editor, which renders sports widgets populated with data from a third-party provider. As a result of Umbraco having an accessible component creator, our developers are able to successfully create all of the necessary components for the third-party data to work seamlessly.

Third Party

Promotions = higher engagement

Online gambling operators rely heavily on marketing and promotions for user acquisition and engagement. Product owners need to easily add different promotions, tailor them to their audiences, and track their performance.

There are many different types of promotions operators can include, such as competitions, new customer offers and free bets or games that can draw customers in to increase the number of interactions.

Umbraco provides customisable features that enable marketing managers to create banners, pop-ups, interactive content and more to entice players when it comes to promotions. Promotions can target different customer groups, displaying relevant information at different times of the day.

Gambling operators can track their customer’s behaviour by viewing data results in Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. As all customers will have different preferences, gambling operators must promote the correct content to increase customer lifetime value and retention to each of them. These tools offer operators a clear insight into how each website component performs and what they could do to grow engagement.

Personalisation is the key for targeting customers

To be able to increase customer lifetime value, operators can implement personalised content and features. Personalisation is at the heart of driving growth and encouraging customers to try out new, relevant products. Operators need to ensure that they have the correct tools to keep track of their customer behaviour to tailor content to their preferences.

Using data, operators can focus on promoting content to guide their customers to new games and products. Umbraco offers a package called Personalisation Groups. Customers can be segmented into target groups, which enables product owners to specifically display content based on their interests and habits. Personalisation Groups offers a clear interface, where we can work with product owners to discuss their data requirements, such as pages viewed, referrer region, time of day and much more.

Personalisation Groups


This is an important factor for operators to consider as it will increase engagement and interactions with their products. For example, if a customer regularly plays slots, the website or app can display related slot games that would encourage the customer to try new content. There are hundreds of slot games out there, but customers will usually have a streak of playing games with certain themes. In the long run, it will increase customer lifetime value and retention and improve the overall user experience.

Ensuring content and UX is consistent for different devices

As the majority of traffic now comes from mobile, customers want their app experience to be as enjoyable, if not more enjoyable as it would be on a desktop website. Users are now becoming more digital-savvy, so their expectations for digital products are increasing and they expect more from their favourite brands.

One of the main reasons why we use Umbraco is the fact it doesn’t restrict us to just website development. Umbraco can also be used to manage content within mobile apps. Because Umbraco works effectively as a headless CMS, we can work with our clients to enhance their app design and development. Moreover, we can customise the Umbraco back-office for product owners to easily manage content within their apps.

Moreover, Umbraco enables us to create great responsive designs. Our approach is always mobile-first. The reasoning behind this is to ensure we can include all the important content and user journeys on the smallest screens, and then work on bigger screen sizes. This process ensures all designs include the same content, but it is adapted to specific screen sizes for the best UX.

UX consistency between devices

Why is Umbraco a reliable CMS?

Overall, online gambling operators can create a well-designed, functioning product with the top-range features Umbraco has to offer.

Umbraco offers operators the ease of efficient integrations for games and sports content to run smoothly. This is a crucial consideration, as content facilitates the overall user experience, having a quick loading speed to keep customers engaged.

In addition, promotions and personalisation are at the heart of growth and encouraging customers to interact with other games and products. Umbraco offers features that allow product owners to personalise content to different groups. Operators can use analytics to have a true understanding of their customer’s behaviour and preferences. This can therefore help them to successfully display unique promotions and personalised content for maximum engagement.

Moreover, the ability to manage content within mobile apps is another reason Umbraco is reliable to online gambling operators. As mobile use in gambling rises, customers have high expectations for what to expect from a mobile app. Umbraco can cater to mobile design in numerous ways as it works effectively as a headless CMS and provides the ability to create a responsive web design. It also enables product owners to effectively manage their app content and make changes very easily.

Here at Degree 53, we understand the importance of a reliable and efficient CMS. Umbraco has been incredibly successful in developing websites and supporting our clients’ requirements. If you would like any help with your website or mobile app development, get in touch!

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