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Enhancing the In-Play Football Sports Betting Experience

28 April 2021

We're excited to announce that we've partnered with Stats Perform to share our insights into creating an engaging in-play sports betting experience with marketing innovation!

Stats Perform, the sports tech leader in data and artificial intelligence, and SBC News, a leading media and events organisation focused on the global gaming market have teamed up with us to share tips and insights into creating an immersive in-play betting experience centred around a player's performance on the pitch. Together, we have created a detailed review how some of the leading sports betting operators approach this.

Through its Opta product, Stats Perform helps operators change the way fans bet on football. By delivering rich player statistics for over 5,000+ fixtures per year, bettors can place bets on the performance of a player or a team, such as how many shots on target, successful passes, or tackles.

The three-part review series and guide featuring 25+ examples examine how sports betting operators have turned player and rich team performance statistics into compelling new betting experiences. We also examine how they have integrated it across the sportsbook and put the innovation that has taken place in two short years under our microscope.

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Displaying detailed data clearly and intuitively is a hugely important part of the pre-match and in-play betting experience, get it right and operators and bettors see great rewards. The presentation of data often substitutes the live footage as not everyone can be in front of a TV or attend a stadium. So, the experience operators cultivate needs to be immediately intuitive, add to the excitement of a live match and get bettors invested and keep them entertained throughout.

Leading operators have recognised the importance of how they display player statistics pre-match and in-play, and have innovated new products, markets and experiences centred around richer player performance data. These new innovations have changed how bettors interact with the world’s biggest sport and created hundreds of additional engagement opportunities across a 90-minute match.

Together with Stats Perform and SBC News, we’ve put together a guide How Sportsbooks are Changing the Game with Shots, Passes & Tackles. We list the best features, marketing tactics and ideas around creating memorable betting experiences centred around player performance.

Download it here to find out.

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