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Football Acca Climbs to Number 3 on the Apple App Store

08 September 2014

Last month we released a new App that we’ve built for the team at Football Acca.

Football Acca provides tips and bets for their loyal user base, their mission is to make their customers money and “Beat the Bookies”.

The App allows registered subscribers to follow the in-house tipsters of Football Acca and keep track of their bets. Users can now take advantage of the free bets and offers from Betfred on the move on their iPhone or iPad. The App uses push notification to alert subscribers to new tips.

Last month the App reached the number three spot on the Apple App Store free sports Apps section, which we’re absolutely delighted about.

Football Acca screenshot

Football Acca is a subscription based service which provides betting tips for football fans, and offers a money back guarantee. The App was built specifically for users who are already registered on the Football Acca website. You can register here and then download the App.

So, why is it so successful?

It’s being promoted by the Football Acca team on their website so all of their current users are aware that it’s now available. It follows the latest User Experience (UX) principles making it usable and intuitive. It’s a brilliant concept offering genuine value to users, and most importantly, the Football Acca team has given their customers exactly what they asked for.

Subscribers have said that it’s quick and easy to check bets, has a simple layout, is easy to use and they love the in play tip notifications.

A huge success for the Football Acca team, and for us here at Degree 53.

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