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GAMSTOP - Online multi-operator self-exclusion scheme

04 April 2018

The UK gambling industry is currently undergoing multiple regulatory changes, led by the Gambling Commission (UKGC), with a larger focus on protecting the customer and helping to prevent problem gambling. This includes new advertising regulations, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and one of the more recent initiatives - GAMSTOP.

GAMSTOP is a national online multi-operator self-exclusion scheme set up by the Remote Gambling Association, which will take effect in Spring this year. It’s a centralised portal where customers will be able to self-exclude from all online gaming operators in the UK (both websites and apps), instead of self-excluding from each individual operator. So, when a customer will try to register or log in with an operator next time, the operator will have to check with the GAMSTOP service if the customer has self-excluded with them. If this is the case, the operator will be informed about their self-exclusion and must prevent them from accessing its services. This will be a mandatory scheme for UK operators going forward and it is aimed at helping customers tackle problem gambling, as well as protecting operators from any liabilities that can be associated with it.

What does GAMSTOP mean for the operators?

The launch of GAMSTOP will require every UK-licensed operator to sign up with the scheme as part of the latest UKGC regulations. Operators will need to add links to GAMSTOP services on their websites and applications. In addition, this will require the implementation of the calls to the GAMSTOP services, which includes some API and development work on their products by a development team with a remote gambling software licence for the design and build of gambling solutions.

The GAMSTOP API needs to be integrated for the operator to communicate with its services and to carry out checks whether the user has or hasn’t self-excluded from gambling online. If the customer has self-excluded, the API will inform the operator, who will subsequently deny the registration or login to its products. This will also affect any marketing communications and the customer won’t be able to receive anything until their self-exclusion expires.

This is an essential piece of work for every operator and is crucial for meeting the UKGC regulations. Degree 53 has the remote gambling software developer’s licence and we have already been working on GAMSTOP integrations for some of our clients to help them prepare for the new requirements, as well as building business-critical tools that will ensure the operator can continue to trade if there are any outages with GAMSTOP’s service.

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