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Growing engagement with in-app events

01 July 2021

Apple is launching iOS 15 and Google is bringing Android 12 later this year. There are quite a few interesting updates coming to our mobile devices. We’re doing a series of blogs to delve into these developments to explore how our clients could make use of them in online gambling. One of those updates is In-App Events. Let’s take a closer look at what it is.

The opportunities with In-App Events

Apple introduced In-App Events for product owners to promote various events within their apps, such as competitions, product launches, live experiences and more on the App Store and Google Play. This new feature will come as part of iOS 15 and will subsequently help to create more engagement among app users. However, it’s nothing new for Android users who have been enjoying different events on the Play Store for a while now!

These events will be displayed directly on the App Store as event cards, as well as being listed within app pages. Developers will be able to upload promotional images or videos to entice users to their app. This means that they will be visible to both existing users and those that don’t have the app installed. Product owners will be able to notify their target audience about events that are relevant to them with the potential to reach more people, growing their engagement.

This is a great opportunity for online gambling operators to bring more excitement to their apps. They can promote special events, such as the Euros or specific matches, lottery draws, game launches, in-app competitions and lots of other things that could get punters excited and draw them to the app.

In-app Events allow developers to inform their existing customers about upcoming events, sharing this information with anyone that hasn’t signed up or downloaded the app, as well as drawing back inactive customers for something relevant to them. As many people don’t spend a lot of time browsing the App Store unless they need something, this could help operators stand out and stay ahead of the competition

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Building excitement around the event

What will be key for creating lots of excitement around the event is using vibrant, fun and compelling visuals or animations alongside detailed descriptions to accurately reflect the event. This information will be displayed on the App Store and in searches, so product owners need to get their visuals and keywords right.

Apple has also enabled product owners to set geo-restrictions for the event, which means they can customise which areas this will be available for. This is particularly useful for setting limits to specific jurisdictions. 

Developers can create a deep link that takes customers directly to the event, and there’s a good opportunity to create something interesting on the landing page for customers to view before the event starts. Whether there might be promotions, rules or additional content listed ahead of the event in question to keep customers engaged, operators can utilise the landing page to build anticipation and grow their engagement in the run up to the event.

We can’t wait to try In-App Events ourselves and hope online gambling operators will get creative with what they do on their apps. If you’d like to discuss this further, drop us a message below!

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