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How custom frontend design will help you stand out with a white label online gambling platform

28 March 2019

Launching an online gambling or sports betting product takes a lot of industry expertise and resources. Often, it’s easier for newcomers to use a white label gaming or sports betting platform to get to market quicker. It doesn’t require a wider team of developers or product managers, and any technical aspects can be taken care of by the platform supplier. However, there are some limitations to using a white label platform if operators want to truly differentiate their products from the competition.

White label gaming and sports betting platforms tend to come with a set number of features required to run the product in the backend, such as verification, banking, CRM, account management and betting or gaming products, as well as websites and mobile apps. However, most suppliers have a specific layout that they ‘reskin’ for each operator. A reskin is just a basic theme change (of colours and styles) to a new brand. This is why so many sportsbooks and casinos end up looking very similar. This also poses a number of challenges in terms of evolving the product and making improvements as the operator grows.

Offering value-added services through bespoke frontend

There’s always a time when the operator will want to take their product to the next level, whether it’s to offer new features, fix certain issues or even do a complete overhaul to be in line with customer demand. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to make quick changes to a white label sportsbook or casino as it would be in-house due to supplier restrictions or a backlog of outstanding tickets.

Operators might also struggle to make significant updates to the user experience or the white label supplier might be reluctant to make changes that they don’t see as a priority. Moreover, the entire product is dependent on the technology of the platform provider and their pipeline; this not only delays any improvements if there are any particular issues in the product, but it also prevents the operator from truly standing out from the competition. Larger clients may be able to influence that, however, smaller ones will not be given as many opportunities.

One of the options to tackle this challenge is by discussing UX and UI changes with the platform supplier and asking whether they’d be willing to implement them. The product owner could choose to put together these updates internally or ask external UX and design specialists for help. This really works if the operator has a great relationship with the platform provider and they are willing to work together. It’s much cheaper and quicker to implement it, however, not all suppliers would agree to do it.

If that is the case, the other option is to build a custom frontend for the app or website without relying on the platform supplier. It can be costly, but it has plenty of advantages to the product owner as long as the platform supplier has the relevant APIs to enable it. Building frontend specifically to the operator’s requirements offers a significantly improved user experience and ability to customise the product as and when it’s needed. This enables operators to track user journeys, determine any obstacles and then fix them much quicker. Product owners are able to test and roll out new features, experiment with layouts and innovate their products more efficiently.

We have worked with a number of platform providers and operators to help with the delivery of improved UX. We’ve also provided a complete frontend redesign where the platform supplier was unable to accommodate that. Both options are absolutely viable and will certainly make a difference to the user experience customers receive from operators. We also produce Sports Betting & Gaming UX Reviews to help operators make improvements to their products with minimum disruption.

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