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How to create a seamless UX for a multi-product offering for lotteries

04 February 2021

Lotteries are fun and inspiring. They appeal to many demographics and have helped lots of communities around the world. Lottery operators offer a variety of products from retail tickets to iLottery, instant win games and much more. There’s a lot of different games or products to choose from.

One of the more interesting and growing areas is the US lottery market. It’s predominantly retail-based, but is rapidly moving to the online environment. Many state lotteries use their websites to promote retail games, display results, as well as offering iLottery. We see this area developing further over the next few years, and operators need to think about their UX strategy to support retail customers moving online, adding more lottery products and scaling up the business.

The legalisation of online sports betting and gaming across a number of states has also created more opportunities for operators to provide additional services. Although most lotteries currently only offer traditional lottery products, there’s no reason why they couldn’t expand in the future.

We’ve just published a new Lottery Review: Multi-Product UX Strategy. It looks at six US lotteries and examines their user experience. We reviewed the Illinois Lottery, Kentucky Lottery, Michigan Lottery, New Hampshire Lottery, Pennsylvania Lottery and Virginia Lottery. Some of our takeaways are:

  • Lottery websites need to optimise their UX more to create a frictionless experience. Some need to display their main products and services more prominently for customers to access them quickly.
  • Lotteries don’t offer enough cross-selling or upselling opportunities to keep customers engaged while they’re on the site. Asking to play again or offering new game categories to keep them on the website longer could really increase the customer lifetime value.
  • Lots of great services and products are often hidden away within complex navigation or beneath unnecessarily large banners. Confusing terminology or unclear labels or categories add to unnecessary complexity. The result is customers spending longer on browsing, than interacting with the products.

By creating more products and points of interaction, lotteries can increase customer engagement and retention. However, many lotteries could significantly improve their digital products to maximise the user experience for their customers, particularly to help them find and navigate between different products. There’s also a big opportunity to convert retail customers with simple and intuitive online lottery products.

We want to showcase that for digital products to be successful, grow their customer base and increase retention, user experience is a key factor. The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated that many retail or in-person services can operate online and customers are willing to adapt to that. Operators have an opportunity to convert retail customers to their digital products. It’s important to get the customer experience right from the start, and a multi-product approach will help to create a more effective offering.

Read our Multi-Product Multi-Product UX Strategy for lotteries here.


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