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How to create an engaging esports product

16 April 2020

Esports is currently experiencing a huge rise in activity across the globe. In absence of sporting events during the pandemic, many fans, players, as well as leading sports organisations have turned to esports for entertainment and running events virtually.

The esports industry is predicted to reach 645 million viewers by 2022 with an estimated worth of $1.8 billion. It’s no surprise that so many businesses want to grab a share of this market. Now would be the perfect time to start incorporating esports into the product strategy and begin forging relationships with the esports fans and players.

Quite a few sports betting operators are already offering odds on esports tournaments, however, very few are recognised by the esports industry. Including odds on esports simply isn’t enough to win over the highly engaged fans who don’t tend to cross over with the regular sports punters. There needs to be a more tailored approach to this and operators need to implement that into their products to appeal to the players. There are already lots of websites covering esports news and various content, and perhaps this could be a way to winning over the esports fans - offering something valuable to build a relationship with them.

We’ve created a white paper to help operators create great and engaging products aimed specifically at esports fans and players. Read it here to find out how to create a winning esports product.

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