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How Umbraco can provide gambling operators with the best website and UX

09 September 2021

Online gambling operators need a robust content management system (CMS) to host all of their products and services, as well as providing opportunities to adapt and scale. They need to be reliable to third-party content, live streams, data feeds, as well as having fast performance to deliver content in real-time to customers.

When it comes to selecting a CMS, there are quite a few options operators can choose from. Our platform of choice is Umbraco, which has enabled us to build a variety of online gambling websites for our clients. In this part-one blog, we review some of the main factors online gambling operators require and how Umbraco can make this possible.

What does Umbraco have to offer as a CMS?

Umbraco is an open-source .NET CMS that allows us to create robust, scalable and omni-channel digital products. As website development has evolved over time, website platforms have had to adapt to cater to new requirements. Umbraco works effectively as both a traditional and headless CMS.

Traditional CMS works in two parts, the front-end and the back-end. The front-end is the visual side and what visitors see (images, text, videos, buttons, menu etc). The back-end is where we manage, create and publish content in order for it to be visible online.

We have years of experience working with the traditional CMS on projects, for clients such as Penn Gaming. Umbraco was selected for this client for its flexibility and ease of use. We were able to create a responsive website with personalised features that our clients could easily manage themselves.

Alternatively, a headless CMS means web-based products can be created alongside the efficiency of deploying content to them from a single codebase. Ultimately, this is a CMS that works without a web front-end and all the content is accessed from an API (Application Programming Interface).

We have experience in creating our own headless CMS solution with Umbraco. For example, we have recently worked with the Swiss lottery operator, Loterie Romande, to create a native app for horse racing pools betting. We built a web portal and content management system for Loterie Romande product owners to easily manage content within the app.

The importance of localised content

Many online gambling operators need to cater to audiences who speak different languages. This requires ensuring that their product supports these languages without compromising on functionality and usability. The key to a great multilingual website is in its design and consistency for all languages. However, there are factors that operators need to keep in mind when it comes to creating a multilingual website.

For example, a multilingual website design is one of the top considerations, as different languages have different requirements. For instance, English is read left to right, whereas Arabic is read from right to left. Visually, these languages are also different and the UI might need to be adapted to that. In addition, some languages may have longer words and phrases compared to others, so the layout, button design and the UI must take this into account. Ultimately, to achieve an enjoyable user journey and experience, localised factors need to be considered and implemented into the design.

We can confidently work with product owners to help with the website translation, as Umbraco supports different options, such as the localisation of the back office. This works effectively as pages can be edited in an accessible way. A drop-down menu is available to view and work on a language when necessary. These services can guarantee a secure and effective translation as Umbraco enables operators to efficiently set it up.

Customers will appreciate having a website in their language, as they will feel more at ease with it and be familiar with the terminology. In addition, by recognising and supporting different languages in their jurisdiction, operators might gain more support from these communities.

Loterie Romande wanted their app to support German and French languages. We created a design that worked well for both versions, including responsive font and button sizes to offer a consistent user experience. Umbraco made this easy to implement with flexible language settings for our content and design elements.

Management controls are essential for content visibility and user permissions

Content is a key part of a website. Umbraco offers multiple content management features to make the process of structuring content much easier, such as the Grid Editor. This has a range of purposes, allowing content editors to either arrange components themselves within the back-end using predefined or custom components. This streamlined control gives content editors more power over the page layout and customisation to provide customers with the best UX.

In addition, many product owners require different levels of users and permissions to manage content and the website. Umbraco allows the main authority (e.g. the website developer/owner) to create customisable permissions for its users.

There are different user types, including Administrators, Editors, Sensitive Data, Translators and Writers. Users can have different levels of permissions depending on their role. For example, marketing managers may only need to access promotional content to upload or edit it, whereas product managers might require more advanced permissions for creating or changing the product structure. Customisable permissions are the ideal way to ensure security between different users, as well as making their content editing much simpler.

Providing different content and support to a customer base

Operators must choose a CMS that can handle and cater to a large customer base. Online gambling operators process a large amount of content and users every day, meaning their products must be secure and flexible.

The great thing about Umbraco CMS is the fact it is flexible with its load balancing, meaning it can be configured to handle demanding levels of traffic. This means we can scale websites in terms of capacity and performance. This is important for any gambling product to be able to adapt and work effectively no matter how large the customer interaction capability needs to be.

In addition, Umbraco offers the ability to add and provide new content efficiently. In order to create an enterprise-level website, it is important that content can easily be added and professionally structured so customers can easily find what they desire. This is important to the gambling industry, as operators have a versatile customer base that has different interests and expectations. Not all customers will have the same interest in casino or sports content, meaning it is essential to provide a quantity of content rather than limited content based on specific games or sports.

As well as this, Umbraco provides an environment for multi-tenant websites. This is also beneficial to online gambling operators, as it is likely they manage more than one website and a large number of customer accounts. Each website will have a unique domain and content, however, they can all be hosted in one instance of Umbraco.

These websites can host hundreds of thousands of customer accounts, handle transactions and load quickly at all times. All this data and content is managed thanks to integrating cloud services from Azure or AWS. These two services allow us to scale them as and when required for a higher number of users or transactions.

How important is the right CMS?

Overall, online gambling operators must consider which CMS can offer the most efficient functionality for their product needs with an option to scale and host numerous interactions at any one time. Whether a traditional or headless CMS fits the requirements better, it must enable product owners to create a consistent and engaging user experience for both their website and app.

Operators can offer their products in different languages to increase recognition and to localise content to their customer's thanks to an efficient CMS. Having a consistent multi-lingual website will improve the overall UX for all. Moreover, operators need to take into account how their chosen CMS can help them serve content to lots of users, handling personalisation and data seamlessly.

At Degree 53, we understand the importance of a reliable CMS that allows us to develop websites and support our clients in projects. This is why Umbraco has been extremely effective in meeting our clients’ goals, as well as enabling them to efficiently manage their products. If you would like any help with your website development, get in touch!

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