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Increasing app engagement with widgets

07 July 2021

This is the next blog in our app development series that we think our clients and their customers will appreciate and find really helpful. This time around, we are taking a closer look at widgets and how they can be a huge benefit to online gambling operators.

What are Widgets?

Widgets are applications, which can be added to a home screen on a mobile as a quick way to access information from an app without having to open it. Android widgets have been available to its users for over ten years, whereas iOS widgets came to the horizon with iOS 14. However, their variability and offering is something that operators should be considering to implement and use.

What are the opportunities with Widgets?

There are many opportunities that widgets can offer to sportsbooks and gaming operators. Due to the ability to create widgets for both Apple and Android, product owners can now cater applications to their entire audience. Moreover, both Apple and Android have widgets for bigger devices, such as the iPad and Android Tablets.

Product owners can work with designers and app developers to ensure their widget tailors to their customers and increases app engagement. This is important as widgets can be fun and useful, as well as being one of the first things users see when opening their phone. Users want to be able to look at a widget and quickly check the app content or data it’s displaying.

Online gambling operators can use widgets to display data, results, betting odds, games and so much more. We think that this is an amazing opportunity for operators, and we hope to see more gambling widgets on the market soon!

In relation to the content that widgets could be offering, it is important that the design is responsive and renders to the different sizes of widgets. It is important to note that both Apple and Android will have different sizes of widgets, however, the content or data must be appropriate for each style

For example, an online gambling operator could create a widget to display a worldwide popular football event, such as Euro 2020. The widget could display who is playing that day alongside all the relevant information, such as match times and betting odds. However, the information displayed on the widget would need to vary depending on the size. The smallest widget might only display one market and its odds, whereas the largest widget (e.g. on the iPad) could display multiple events, markets or stats in addition to that.

The same application applies to lottery widgets. Lottery operators could list upcoming draws with all the key information, such as the jackpot, date and time of the draw.

Casinos have a good opportunity to list available games, such as the latest jackpots and live casino games. The key is to create a widget design that will draw customers in and get them onto the app quickly.

Here are some mockups for iPhone widgets and how they can be displayed on a home screen. These can be used on the iPad too now!

Casino Widgets Mock-Ups


Do Widgets have an important part to play in engagement strategies?

Widgets are a valid application that will increase app interaction. These applications add functionality for users, and product owners have the option to create widgets that will increase their brand awareness and engagement.

For example, when widgets first came to the home screen for iOS 14, Apple users spent hours redesigning their home screen, generating lots of viral content online when they were sharing their screens. It has been reported that 1 in 7 US users have widgets on their phone, but we think this will increase with the newest iOS 15 developments. It has also been found that 84% of Android users use at least one widget on their device, and an average of 63% of users have multiple widgets. Similarly, this percentage is more than likely to increase with Android 12 and its refreshing widget designs.



We hope to see an increase in online gambling operators with widgets in the future, as it is a good way of creating extra fun interactions for the customers. Customers could also use widgets to stay up to date with their favourite games. Operators have the opportunity to extend their products to their customers’ home screens with the potential of generating more engagement and increasing brand awareness.

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