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Using App Clips to convert retail customers to mobile

12 July 2021

This is another blog about app development features that we think are really useful and can offer lots of value to our clients and their customers. We’d like to focus on App Clips which came out with iOS 14 last year, or Instant Apps, which have been on Android since 2017. They are still relevant and have lots of potential for anyone looking to convert their customers from retail to mobile.
Although it’s not a new concept for Android users, App Clips came out with iOS 14 last year, but we think it’s quite an important feature more operators should be using. App Clips enable product owners to showcase their apps without anyone having to install them. Customers don’t always want to download an app they’re not familiar with, but App Clips enable them to learn what it does pretty quickly. We know that gambling operators could really benefit from App Clips to help their customers adopt their mobile products.

Despite the growing popularity of online gambling, buying lottery tickets or placing bets in retail venues is still quite common for many areas around the world. In some cases, it’s largely due to legislation and online gambling only gradually becoming available. In others, it’s likely due to habit and customers having a slower uptake of digital products. So for those operators that want to convert their customers to their online gambling apps, App Clips can be very useful at their retail branches.

Operators can present their apps by simply asking customers to scan a QR code or open a link that instantly displays the relevant product. Customers can then try the app, find out its benefits and how to use it, as well as having the opportunity to install it directly from the App Store or the Play Store.

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App Clips are a great sales tool and can potentially increase app downloads if customers are shown the app in-store. Operators can run promotions for new app sign ups or offer exclusive content to encourage customers to use the apps more.

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