Goldchip Branding

The Brief

Goldchip is a premium bookmaker who approached Degree 53 to provide a fully bespoke sports betting platform and sportsbook for their VIP customers. They wanted to take their phone-based business online and launching with a new and enhanced brand was a big part of their digital transformation.


The Challenge

The stakeholders at Goldchip already had an established brand, so our challenge was to build upon the existing materials to optimise it for digital outputs whilst modernising the overall look and feel. The enhanced materials needed to be web friendly and adaptable for a growing audience.

Initially, the Goldchip brand only included a single static logo that was used across their printed materials and website, but it also needed to fit into the digital space. The visual aspects of the logo needed to be more adaptable to mobile devices, social media avatars and web banners. All of this impacted on the overall brand recognition and exposure.

The other challenge was to keep the branding simple, yet have a strong visual presence. The look and feel needed to be dignified to reflect the high-end offering and VIP customers.

Our Approach

As part of our branding services, we like to do a number of workshops and exercises which give us direction and a vision for the design. We started off with an initial workshop with the Goldchip stakeholders that included word associations and brand value exercises. These cemented in what we all felt the brand should be and became a point of reference so the design wouldn’t deviate from the original vision.

We carried out customer profiling to build a full picture of their day to find out how they interact with Goldchip and other high-end products. This was used to determine where Goldchip sat alongside these brands and how they fit into their customer’s lives. Often, there are some interesting surprises, so it’s always worth carrying out these exercises before any branding work begins.

We also created a brand landscape, where we plotted Goldchip and its competitors on a 2x2 axis to determine the position of their brand at the time. This related to a more in-depth exercise to consider what Goldchip aspired to be and which other brands or competitors they wanted to be positioned next to. We also took into account what other brands the stakeholders wanted their audience to use next to theirs to build on common traits and values.

All of this helped us come up with a brand statement, visualise the existing and future audience, which types of customers Goldchip didn’t want to target and define a relevant tone of voice. After the workshop, we produced a report to flesh out the customer personas, using YouGov data to back up our findings.


Creating a Modern Brand

Following the workshop, we came up with initial concepts for the best visual direction for the brand. We collaborated with the client to establish what they liked, didn’t like and what area we needed to focus on for further development. We then presented our ideas to the Goldchip stakeholders, bringing in additional elements, such as how their brand could be used in other channels, e.g. printed materials, flyers, business cards etc.

Once the client was happy with our proposal, we put together a brand guidelines document, which included brand DNA. It consisted of the things we mentioned in our workshops to define the brand: brand values, personas, the Goldchip signature as a seal of approval, tone of voice with example content to be used and other important details.

Our team also provided a logo pack and rules around its use, typography, colour palette and other design elements for the in-house team. We included the logo for every single format to make sure it was suitable for digital and printed media. For example, we provided a family of logos that allowed the brand to adapt and optimise itself to any output and format required for today’s brands - from large scale print outputs to small mobile icons. We provided the primary use logo, an alternative with less graphics around it and one that suits mobile or icons.

We created Photoshop filters for the client to recreate the same images in-house. This also included advertising examples to show how they could be used for that.

As a result, we provided Goldchip with a modern, slick brand, that reflects the luxury and high-end product without deviating too far from its originality.

It was a pleasure working with Degree 53, the workshops were great for everyone to understand our company values and represent them faithfully through our branding. Degree 53 achieved the goal of evolving, not reimagining our brand and ensuring we have the assets and tools to carry it on into the future. Thank you!
Rob Stephenson
Operations Manager, Goldchip

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