The Project

Penn Interactive Ventures (PIV), a US gaming and racing facility operator with a focus on slot machine entertainment approached Degree 53 to provide a new design and UX for its website HollywoodCasino.com. Due to the expansion of its portfolio, PIV decided to update their existing website to be the umbrella brand and house its products under it.

PIV was looking for a new website design and branding to make sure its products have a clear identity while grouping them under one main site, HollywoodCasino.com.


Website Redesign

The HollywoodCasino.com website needed a modern aesthetic to clearly display various online games. The team also needed to reimagine its user experience and site architecture to allow a distinct showcase of its four different product lines, with flexibility to scale in the future. The existing HollywoodCasino.com website was built on Sitecore CMS which PIV wanted to exchange to a more user friendly and cost effective solution that its marketing team would be able to use. The new design of HollywoodCasino.com needed to focus on users first while displaying a clear overview of all the available products and services from PIV.


As part of refreshing branding for HollywoodCasino.com, the Degree 53 design team carried out extensive research into the company’s competitors and other businesses related to the gambling industry, such as sports and games. They looked at common colour schemes to identify which option would be appropriate for HollywoodCasino.com to make it stand out from the competition, as well as reflecting its business ‘personality’. Designers reviewed the site architecture to provide the best solutions to display different products as clearly as possible.

HollywoodCasino.com logo also needed to adopt a modern look to be in line with the rest of the branding and offer flexibility to adapt to mobile and tablet devices.

hollywood casino screenshot.png
hollywood casino screenshot 2.png

UX Optimisation

It is becoming more important for online gambling operators to focus on their customer journey to provide the best UX and increase retention.

HollywoodCasino.com website needed a new approach to make it easier for its users to find relevant games and services and enjoy the experience. The team redesigned the homepage to offer an uncluttered look, clearly displaying various elements, including the main menu, promotions and available games to help guide users to their desired destinations.

CMS Migration

PIV needed the new website to be accessible to any non-technical user to be able to manage content and update it over time. It also needed to have a scalable solution to support further growth of the website. Degree 53 are very familiar with Sitecore and could effectively identify how to migrate the website to a more appropriate CMS for PIV. Developers selected Umbraco CMS thanks to its flexibility and ease of use in updating content. The team also created a functionality to track user behaviours and actions to ensure PIV has the latest data to measure customer engagement and analyse it.

The website was also created to be responsive for different screen sizes – desktop, tablet and mobile to allow users to access it from their preferred locations and devices.

In addition, PIV wanted to offer a single sign on  option to its users, implementing Gigya customer identity management system for hassle free and quick login. Personalisation was a key feature that allows HollywoodCasino.com to offer content relevant to its users. For example, displaying slots promotions when a slot user logs in.


The Result

The new HollywoodCasino.com website was launched in August 2016 and since then, has seen an increase in page views of 31% and a decrease in bounce rate of 21%.

PIV compared the performance of the HollywoodCasino.com website 100 days before and after the rebrand. The site's page views were up 194.83%, with unique page views rising to 76.2%.

The site experienced a 36% increase in returning visitor sessions and a 136% increase in new visitor sessions, compared to the 100-day period prior to the relaunch.

The new responsive website has a modern look and offers a clear overview of the available casino games and services. It displays relevant, personalised content to each user depending on their game preferences and PIV can easily track their behaviour through an effective analytics tool.

The Umbraco CMS offers the team to easily manage the website content and update it as they need to. It also offers flexibility to expand the website and add more products in the future.

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