Loterie Romande PMU Horse Racing App Design and Development

Project Introduction

Loterie Romande is an established lottery, iGaming and sports betting operator across six cantons in Switzerland. It offers both retail and online services.

The Brief

Loterie Romande approached Degree 53 to update their existing PMU retail container/wrapper app for horse racing pools betting. The app enables customers to make selections and generates a QR code within the betslip that they can process at a retail outlet or at a kiosk.

Enhancing the app with a modern user experience and design was a priority for Loterie Romande. The app needed to be designed for iOS and Android, with a particular focus on meeting Apple Design Guidelines upon submission.

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PMU App Design

Although Loterie Romande wanted to keep the core functionality of their app, we wanted to give it a fresh update, incorporating existing features whilst focusing on UX improvements.

Firstly, we held workshops with the Loterie Romande stakeholders to determine their technical requirements for the app and expectations for the design. These workshops provided us with a technical and visual direction.

We used the design workshops to discuss competitors, user journeys, different services and features. This helped us to create sketches and customer journeys (wireframes) that we developed together with Loterie Romande. We also involved the Loterie Romande team throughout this process to collaborate on design ideas and provide regular feedback.

One of the key parts of the design was the consideration for improving the user experience and meeting Apple Design Guidelines, so the app would be successfully approved to the App Store. We needed to create additional features to make the app more user friendly and offer a fully native experience.

We created the following:

  • Support for light and dark mode, including system settings
  • Designed, built and tested against WCAG 2.1 guidelines to support AA standards
  • Onboarding screens with age confirmation and location checks
  • Personalised app experience for Beginner and Expert PMU users
  • Spot Bet functionality using racecard statistics makes it easy for customers to make selections from the home screen
  • Upcoming Races screens with live data on horses, press information, odds and racecourses
  • Options to customise bets with multipliers, additional horses and ‘Flexi’ bet functionality
  • Access to race results for the last 6 months through the app’s intuitive calendar view
  • Speedbet feature allowing users to skip race screens and generate bets quickly
  • Components and icons to simplify bet selections
  • Access to a large database of horse racing information with a clear user interface, helping them make informed bet selections
  • Tooltips placed throughout the app to guide customers
  • Toast messages to confirm positive interactions, such as adding bets to the betslip
  • Marketing opportunities on the app home screen, PMU main screen and empty betslip screen

We also needed to make sure the apps work well in both German and French languages. We needed to ensure the same designs worked in localised versions, such as adapting font sizes, making button size responsive or adapting user journeys.

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PMU App Web Development

Once the designs were approved, we moved onto iOS and Android app development. This involved delivering the fully native experience and features across both iOS and Android, such as adding selections for different bet types, live streaming, QR code generation and more.

In addition, our developers built a web portal and content management system, using Umbraco, for the Loterie Romande product owners to be able to manage content within the apps. All platforms were developed in parallel so the Loterie Romande team could get their hands on the end to end product as it was created to ensure feedback was gathered regularly.

An automation test suite was created to give Loterie Romande the ability to become efficient with regression testing as the product develops into the future. This also ensured the quality of the release was high, resulting in a smooth UAT phase.

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The Result

Thanks to close collaboration with Loterie Romande and our detailed approach to native app design and development, we delivered updated iOS and Android mobile apps with an enhanced user experience and increased functionality.

The new Loterie Romande PMU horse racing app offers an engaging pools betting experience for both beginners and experts. Loterie Romande customers can easily make their selections on the app, which generates a QR code ready to be processed in store or at a kiosk.

It’s a great contactless solution that works efficiently and is very intuitive. Customers can prepare their bets in advance and easily process them at a retail outlet whenever they’re ready. The contactless style of the app means Loterie Romande can enable their customers to continue using their services remotely. QR codes have been instrumental to some services over the past year and the app takes their ease of use into account for creating a frictionless customer experience.

The apps were successfully launched in November 2020 and Loterie Romande customers can download them for free from both the Swiss App Store for iOS or via the Loterie Romande website for Android. The apps are in German and French languages.

We may be biased but we strongly believe this is the best fully native retail horse racing app available.

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The app has a host of features:

  • Interactive home screen
  • A range of pools betting games
  • Loterie Romande’s sports betting products
  • Onboarding that offers customers to select Beginner or Expert level for customised features
  • Specific race pages include useful content about each race and bet types for it
  • Horse information from form to ancestry
  • Customers can view race history, results and race report cards, filtering results by bet types, winnings and what each bet type generates, as well as checking the finishing order which leads to a specific bet
  • Live streaming options for customers to be able to watch races as they happen
  • Odds are updated live and changes are highlighted
  • Different bet types that can vary from race to race
  • Prognostics section which includes press information about the favourite horse to help customers make an informed decision about their selections
  • Improved betslip functionality that displays stakes, potential returns, QR codes and other information about each bet
  • Additional marketing opportunities if the betslip is empty
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I'm very excited about our new PMU app. We enjoyed the collaborative process with the team at Degree 53, how they took our feedback on board and worked towards our requirements. Their expertise and enthusiasm for delivering a high quality app really shone through throughout our workshops and daily updates. The designers managed to elevate our app thanks to the consideration for UX and app design standards. We're very happy with the end result, and have had very positive feedback from our customers too. I look forward to launching our next project.
Peter Voets
Chief Marketing & eCommerce Officer, Loterie Romande

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