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Degree 53 were approached by The Sportsman, an online destination for sports content, to design and develop a game for their new website. The betting game aimed to draw inspiration from the trend of free to play prediction games to add an extra level of engagement to the site

The Sportsman required a responsive design for the website, as well as standalone mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms.



The Sportsman wanted a sports betting game to be built and designed completely from scratch to support football, horse racing and golf events available on a variety of devices. It also needed to allow for scalability in the future.

The Sportsman needed to create a game for users to be able to select winners of ongoing live events, such as football matches, horse races and golf tournaments as and when they take place. Users needed to be able to select the outcome of a particular event and enter their predictions into the free competition whilst allowing users to place their selections as a bet through an affiliated betting partner.

The game required different registration and login options (email and social media), API integration with third-party feeds for data and results processing, as well as allowing users to create their own leagues. The Sportsman also wanted to offer various engagement points, such as a messaging service, newsfeed and adverts.

Following an investigation, no single CRM platform was identified that featured the functionality required for push notifications, email communications and a rich inbox. Degree 53 recommended to develop a bespoke system to manage various triggers and messages, as well as integrating it with a third-party push notification provider.



The designers and developers at Degree 53 carried out research, focusing specifically on the integration of bookmaker feeds and the creation of engaging designs that would function across different platforms and screen sizes. The design team also met with The Sportsman stakeholders to carry out design workshops to agree on the desired look and feel of the game.

The team created three games for each sport - Perfect 10, Perfect 6 and Pick 123 that change according to whichever matches and tournaments are live at any given time. They are all based around the ability of the user to correctly guess the outcome of specific events, such as winners from 10 football games (Perfect 10), the first three horses placing in six races (Perfect 6) and top three players in a golf tournament (Pick 123). Once the event is finished, users can view their results. For every correct prediction, they are awarded points that are used to build leaderboards. Punters are also able to create their own leagues and invite others to join. These also include leaderboards.

The website has a newsfeed from the Sportsman content and an option to display adverts throughout the game, which allows for more interactive content. The Sportsman offers a functionality for the website owners and users to communicate via push notifications and a messaging system. The rich-media format enables The Sportsman to share news and links to related content to engage with the punters.

Degree 53 provided all the necessary API and feed integrations for the game to process and display news, betting options and results from all the events. This solution also allows The Sportsman to update the content and add extra games if required.

Degree 53 have created a great product, taking our requirements and suggestions on board, as well as bringing invaluable expertise to the creation of this project. The team took care of all the necessary system integrations to ensure the games run smoothly and display the latest data to our users. They also created a bespoke CRM system to enable us to communicate with our customers and send them timely push notifications to engage with them. We’re delighted with the new product and look forward to launching it to our customers.
Danny Campbell
Director, The Sportsman

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