Best Practices For Lottery App UX & Design

Moving Retail Lotteries to a Digital Landscape

There are many different types of lotteries around the world. Customers have a chance to take part in numerous draws every day. Lotteries support their communities and offer substantial prizes, big enough to attract a wide range of customers.

Many lotteries operate across both retail and digital channels. For example, retail sales are the main source of revenue for the National Lottery. However, its investment into digital channels has resulted in significant growth over the last year. Online is a great way of enhancing established lottery services, extending the brand experience, as well as making it easier for digital-savvy customers to play.

Yet, there’s still a large proportion of lotteries worldwide that are retail only. This is mainly in jurisdictions where online gambling is still new or the regulation doesn’t allow it. This means customers are unable to register or purchase tickets online, and have to do it in the shop. However, with the growing legalisation of remote gambling, lotteries are more open to moving their operations online.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown how important digital services are when countries are in lockdown and shops have limited footfall. Even if online purchases can’t be done due to legislation, lotteries need to optimise their websites and apps to provide a great experience and offer value to their customers.

In this review, we’ve focused on some of the larger lotteries around the world to find out what level of UX they provide to their customers. These lotteries are divided into two categories:

  • Mobile Lottery - a customer can register, make a deposit/withdrawal, purchase a lottery ticket and check results through the app.
  • Lottery Results - a customer needs to open an account and purchase a lottery ticket in a retail shop, but can check draw results and do non-transactional things through the app.

Although Lottery Results apps have limited services and can be simply used for checking ticket results, they can still offer value. Brands could use them to complement the gaming experience and extend it beyond the retail shop. All in all, both apps need to be intuitive and easy to use for everyone.

As Apple now requires apps to offer as much native functionality as possible, it’s worth implementing this right from the start of app development. We also recommend updating any existing features to either become completely native or more app-like. Apple will likely push back anything that doesn’t meet their standards. Whilst Google hasn’t updated its guidelines yet, we recommend doing this for Android apps too.



Here is a short summary of what we talk about in this guide.

  • Lottery operators can modernise their gaming experience through an app, which would reach a wider audience (e.g. onboard retail customers online, or allow website customers to engage with the brand on the go).
  • Lottery Results apps can work as an extension of the brand, as well as offering value to the customer and extending the experience beyond the store.
  • Lotteries have lots of great features and content, but the UX of lottery apps can’t be the same as their websites.
  • Apple is currently reviewing whether apps (especially container apps) offer enough native functionality to approve them to the App Store. It’s imperative that apps include as many native or app-like features as possible from the start. Whilst Google hasn’t made any announcements yet, we recommend following suit for Android apps.
  • Overall, the app UX needs to facilitate the user journey and customer expectations or needs.
    • Offer simple steps to get to the desired destination (register/log in to play or find results).
    • Offer fun features and cross-selling opportunities to keep the customer engaged (quick picks, scratch cards, instant wins).
    • Provide relevant information to support customers and offer responsible gambling advice - this needs to be displayed whilst adhering to the app design.
    • Personalise the experience - lottery and gaming customers using apps don’t have time to waste re-selecting the same numbers each time or searching for the content that’s relevant to them.
    • To create a positive brand image, providing content around previous winners, charity work or how the operator is helping their communities helps achieve this.

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The New York Lottery, Lottoland, National Lottery, and Health Lottery

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