Responsible Gambling Tools

Responsible Gambling Tools in Sports Betting Apps

The UK online gambling industry is committed to improving its responsible gambling (RG) services and it already offers multiple tools for customers to manage their activities to prevent risk. Customers are encouraged to ‘self-check’ to identify if they have a problem and then mitigate accordingly. Other measures include deposit limits, loss/transfer limits, short breaks, self-exclusion, reality checks and self-assessment.

Since the online gambling customer base is growing, the need for extensive RG tools is also greater than ever. We wanted to review how leading UK sports betting operators approach the RG initiative and whether their mobile apps offer enough support to their customers.

We looked at the RG tools and content available from leading UK sports betting apps. We asked one of our newest team members with no previous gambling experience to review them and share their thoughts on how clearly the RG tools and content were displayed. We looked at the RG content provided when the customer was logged out (general RG information) and logged in (specific RG tools to manage account and customer activity with the operator).

This review was done in August 2020, so the content is subject to change.



Logged Out

To access responsible gambling, the customer must scroll down to the very bottom of the home page. The RG page isn’t obvious and it’s quite difficult to find. 888sport doesn’t have any banners about RG, so this page won’t be obvious to the customer at all.

Logged In

When logged in, the RG page can be found within the account. The RG tools include deposit limits, game time reminders, autoplay limits, short breaks, long breaks and self-exclusion. Deposit limits are presented to the customer immediately after registration.

Responsible Gambling content

The RG page is very long and text-heavy, making the content difficult to scan through or find specific information. It provides no contents page to allow the customer to find information quickly, so the customer has to scroll through everything. To access the RG tools, the customer needs to tap on links, labelled ‘here’ in each section. They’re very easy to miss and the entire experience isn’t user friendly. The page opens in a browser and asks the customer to log in again.

Moreover, there is no evident promotion of responsible gambling apart from offering the customer the opportunity to set deposit limits immediately after the registration.

Locating the dedicated RG content should be more obvious on the home page, similar to most apps. The page itself needs to be structured better, offering shorter paragraphs, clearer sections of each tool and more visuals. Everything also needs to take place within the app without opening in a separate browser or asking to log in again. The RG tools, however, can be edited at any time with 888sport offering live chat contact support for its customers, whilst also providing links to blocking software providers.



Logged Out

bet365’s RG page is listed in the footer of the app. bet365 also displays a banner just above the footer, which takes the customer to the RG information page. It’s easily accessible, but would be better placed at the top of the home page as it’s easy to miss. There are no additional banners or messages about RG anywhere else on the home page.

Logged In

The RG page lists five tools that bet365 offers and how to set them up. These are deposit limits, reality checks, time-out, account closure and self-exclusion. Deposit limits are available at the end of the registration process too.

Responsible Gambling content

The RG page provides additional content and offers external links to third-parties in case customers need further help. There is also a monthly budget calculator that can help customers manage their spending accordingly. It’s very useful as it breaks down the customer’s income and outgoings, highlighting whether the customer can afford to gamble. These tools can be accessed and edited at any time (apart from time-out and self-exclusion).

The information about RG is clear and concise. The content is broken down into bite-sized paragraphs and bullet points, which are easier to read. There are also different subsections that offer advice about specific RG enquiries.

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