Data Feed Integration

Data Feed Integration

Online gambling apps and websites may need to process vast amounts of data and require integration with third-party data suppliers. Our services will help you achieve this.


Data Feed Integration Services

Sportsbooks and live scores often need to consistently pull data from various feeds to provide the required content. Integrating it all into one solid interface is crucial to be able to display it correctly without interruptions.

We have unparalleled experience in managing complex data feeds so you can reliably publish your content to the right user at the right time without compromising performance. We have helped build sports results and betting products displaying numerous amounts of data and processing it from third-party systems without interruptions.

We use industry standard technologies, including:

  • REST and Web Services using Microsoft's WCF technology
  • Queues with MSMQ, RabbitMQ etc
  • Distributed Caching, Redis
  • SQL Server, MySQL, NoSQL storage technologies
  • Standard data formats, such as Xml and Json.

We also integrate non-standard, customised feeds from third-party suppliers if required.   


Feed Management System        

To facilitate data feed integration, we have created a Feed Management System (FMS) which allows us to easily pull data from multiple sources, using different technologies and providing it through an API for gaming websites and apps. We have used this in multiple solutions, bringing in sporting data for horse racing and football, rapidly changing betting price feeds and server monitoring applications.

Our expert developers optimise data to only provide what is needed to your front-end system. We make sure this process is secure and includes authentication for sensitive details. We also use scalable systems to support high or low traffic accordingly. Combining this with intelligent caching profiles means we can increase the performance of your applications and improve your service.

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