If you have an idea for a gambling product or feature you’d like to create, but don’t know how to progress it (or the idea of committing to a project with an agency feels like a huge step), we recommend carrying out our Discovery phase. This is suitable for those, who know their product (e.g. sportsbook development or updating the casino lobby UX) but want to understand how to bring it to life, as well as the associated timescales and costs.  

This process allows us to quote accurately with lower levels of contingency, de-risk the project and pull together all the specifications required for its completion. This means that you will know all the important details and requirements for your product before committing to the full build.

During the Discovery phase, our experts review the project and its objectives, scope out the requirements for the development and/or design, highlighting any risk factors that could arise at the later stages. This means that we will know about any challenges well in advance and will have a specific plan to tackle them, reducing any delays and major changes to a minimum. This also helps to keep the costs down, so there won’t be any unexpected charges.

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You will receive a list of all the steps and processes required to complete the project, a full plan of action with timescales and deadlines, as well as our recommendations for addressing certain features or challenges. We will provide all the costs involved in the project so you have all the information you need. The Discovery phase doesn’t tie you to a full project but gives an overview of how it can be realised.

The Discovery phase prices start from around £7,000, but can be higher, depending on the size of the project and the level of investigation needed.

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