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Customer retention is more important than ever for betting and igaming operators to stay ahead of the competition. It is very easy for a punter to swap brands for another offer or even better UX and features of a mobile app. This is why online gambling companies need to provide a variety of engagement opportunities to ensure return business from their customers.

One way of achieving this is with a comprehensive mobile messaging strategy early on to help you recruit, retain and engage with your customers once the app is live. It’s important to plan in advance how you’re going to approach this as it directly impacts every single user’s experience from day one. If the engagement strategy is done right, the customers are more likely to stat with the same app and continue using it.

We’ve partnered with ConsultMyApp (CMA), a London-based agency, supporting global brands with their extensive knowledge around apps, customer relationship management, App Store optimization and user acquisition.

CMA has an exceptional team of consultants with an incredible track record of success. They pride themselves on working as an extension to our clients’ product and marketing teams. CMA utilises proprietary tools, data and industry best practices to deliver results that matter.

Together, we've put together the Mobile Marketing Fast-Start programme to help our clients develop a comprehensive customer engagement strategy to grow their customer base and deliver a fun experience through their apps.

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How Mobile Marketing Fast-Start can help you

To avoid unexpected changes and extra costs at the end of the project, we recommend taking part in our Mobile Marketing Fast-Start programme. The programme kicks-off with a workshop to help you prepare your mobile messaging strategy and incorporate any marketing-led features into the development before it begins.

For example, push notifications are an excellent way of communicating with customers about any promotions, match news or events, thus driving increased gaming revenue. They are also fundamental to reducing player churn and winning back lapsing players. To use these effectively, you will need experienced planning and development, as well as a customer strategy which needs to be in sync once the app is live.

This is where we can add significant value, helping you bridge the gap between your product and marketing teams. We will help you develop engaging mobile marketing features that will maximise your user retention, engagement and monetisation metrics before the app is launched.

Getting user retention right from day one can also save you a significant amount of money. There’s no point spending vast sums on user acquisition for your app only to see customers churn within the first few days, rendering the money spent on getting them there in the first place entirely wasted.

Why use our Mobile Marketing Fast-Start?

  • Maximise the chance of users staying with your app in the first crucial post-install window
  • The uplift in retention saves money, as every user saved from churn effectively makes your CPA spend count rather than become wasted
  • Expert advice on campaign setup means you don’t over-message or annoy your users
  • Users expect personalised service, and broadcast messaging is no longer accepted. Getting this right will improve app store ratings (crucial for new user acquisition), deposit frequency, and ultimately, net gaming revenue
  • We have years of experience setting up proven and innovative campaigns and journeys for iGaming customers. New user, early life/nurturing, lapse prevention and reactivation are a must at the very least to increase your app’s chances of success in a very competitive market.
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Our Mobile Marketing Fast-Start Programme includes

  • Project initiation workshop to review your business KPIs and map these to a mobile marketing plan tailored for your business
  • Event/tag technical specification to support your mobile marketing plan
  • Full user-lifecycle mobile messaging strategy, defining core iGaming push campaigns and customer journeys around retention, engagement and monetisation
  • Review of audience segments
  • Message strategy implementation into the chosen MMA solution
  • Training on management and maintenance of message strategy
  • 6-month review to measure strategy ROI and suggest improvements

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