Product Design Sprints

Do you have an idea for a gambling website or app? Or do you already have one that isn’t working quite as well as you’d like? Whether you’re looking for a UX solution for a betting game, horse racing results tracker or a sportsbook, we have a way of determining how to make it successful!

What is a Product Design Sprint?

Our gambling Product Design Sprint is a one-week process, originated by Google Ventures, to come up with innovative solutions to UX challenges and validate those concepts quickly before product development.

Product Design Sprints take an idea and analyse it from a user’s perspective. This ensures it ticks all the boxes, attracts customers and offers an enjoyable gambling experience.

During the week, we go through different customer journeys, assumptions and features to find the best options for addressing any UX challenges you may have. We then create a prototype based on this and invite real users that match your target audience to test it.

User feedback is extremely important at this stage and can provide invaluable insight into how your product can be perceived. It can mean the go-ahead for full development or back to the drawing board. But this is the safest, quickest, cheapest and relatively painless way of finding out whether your product is successful. Just imagine the time and effort you save on development and design!

For more detailed information about our Product Design Sprints, download our brochure.

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Where do we hold our Product Design Sprints?

We hold Product Design Sprint workshops in our office in Manchester, where we have plenty of space for group discussions and drawing up our ideas. We also have a good setup for user testing with recording and screen tracking equipment, so we don’t miss anything during the final phase.

Are you interested in how a Product Design Sprint can be applied to your gambling app or website? We'd love to hear from you!

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