User Testing

To find out how your target audience perceives, uses and understands your sportsbook, casino lobby, gambling website or mobile app, we recommend carrying out user testing. This means inviting a number of your target demographic to go through your website or app, complete set tasks as if they were your real customers and provide feedback on what works or what doesn’t.

If you have an established online gambling product, or you are thinking about updating one, this can be a valuable exercise in finding out whether the product meets your customers’ expectations and performs as intended.

Why you should do user testing

  • Test your concepts before investing in expensive development
  • Reveal the challenges users might be experiencing with your product
  • Understand how your customers want or expect your product to work
  • Eliminate any unnecessary steps or processes within the user journey
  • Establish the success rate of the intended user journey
  • Help provide a more concise and intuitive user experience
  • You should never assume your products work because you ‘know’ your users. Users often have their own motivations and a different perspective and their feedback can often be very surprising

What's included in our user testing services?

  • Understanding the problems you are having/what exactly you want to test (e.g. suitability of a new website/problems with basket conversion etc.)
  • Recruitment of users that meet your specific customer demographics (up to 6 users)
  • Testing in a professional research facility with the ability to watch the users live
  • Test preparation and test script
  • Test moderation
  • Food & drinks for up to 5 of your viewing stakeholders
  • Degree 53 UX/UI Designer viewing the test and producing a report containing findings and recommendations, complete with videos of all the tests

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